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Dec. 22nd, 2007

Motoko Kusanagi

[a message to law enforcement]- hackable

I sure want to know how the fuck many of you can afford expensive Christmas gifts if the banks have been completely robbed EMPTY but a certain on the loose thief.

Is everyone here taking a ride on the 'pixie dust cloud', or all of you just rely on this hocus pocus shit to make money fall from the heavens?
In case anyone has been wondering why their bank accounts are negative 0.000 as of lately, blame the Mask*DeMasque and Ebisumaru for all your money woes and the lack of a proper damn response by law enforcement to nab the culprit!

Is ANYONE working on this case anymore?!

Does anyone REALIZE that over 1 million is possibly missing because of these thieves!?

Does anyone seem to give a damn?!

What the hell happened to this place after I left here?!
Why is no one focusing on this case?!

Why everyone acting as if life is all peachy if your MONEY IS MISSING!!!?

They have hit one bank and a museum in the last few months...

Yes, I KNOW Muraki takes top priority right now...


I am getting sick of all the bullshit! If need be, I'll fly solo on this case and solve it myself!

You men are work like snails!

Section Nine was NEVER this incompetent!

Dec. 9th, 2007

motoko- the TRUTH


What the fuck happened here?

What the hell happened to me?! Was it a virus? My brain feels as if it was hacked, took me a moment to even move...

My entire body is still numb, how long has I've I been out?

Tch, if I find the little bastard who did it...

Ugh, is anyone still here?

Is this Tokyo or Lumiere...?
I don't know what's wrong with me, but I think I am in Lumiere.

Yeah, this is the--PATCHOULI!?

Patchouli! Where are you!?

Nov. 8th, 2007

those snakeeyes


Finally the Judge Magister gives me the got damn greenlight...
Time to put a end to this little crime spree...

I don't think people should be having SO much fun without me around...

[ooc: the major is unleashed, watch out for your easily hackable or even hard to hack entries!]

Nov. 5th, 2007

motoko- to sing her song in space


This city lacks a core unit devoted to solving murders and catching these fucking criminals!

I am sure most of these murders are just copycat killers!
I bet the real murderer didn't kill those last two victims that where reported in the media.

This is all a publicity stunt to lure the feds into thinking that it's the same murder, it has to be!

Sloppy job, guys.

The police force here is barely active! What the hell are you pansies doing?!

This is utterly ridiculous.

Oct. 27th, 2007

motoko- to sing her song in space


It seems that everyone is participating in this little questionare that has been going around like a wild fire...

I'll play along as well.

1. Reply to this post with five questions you want to ask me. They can be serious or foolish, I don't care! Get personal if you want.

2. I'll reply to your questions on this journal or in a comment.

3. Do the same thing with your journal so I can ask you pointless questions.

[Private to Patchouli]

I got the costumes ready! I picked out a top three out of the five I brought before, I hope you will like one of them!

I already got my matching costume for either one you like best!
Perhaps I will model in them for you...?

[ooc: we are logging right after I come from school. This will definitely be a MA log, btw! XD]

Oct. 19th, 2007

motoko- the stare

.09 [private//hard to hack]]

So finally, I get to see that this paradise isn't what it seems to be...

Somewhat refreshing to know that it's not so perfect here after all.
I guess I've just grown used to expecting the worst of people.

I'm on duty now, I better just get to work on this new case.
Whoever the murderer was, the victim doesn't remember seeing his face.
Odd how everyone here can be reborn again so quickly...

The woman acted as if nothing ever happened.

L, eh?

I wonder what does that stand for. Is it the killer's first letter of his name? Does it stand for love or liar?

Hard to tell how this is going to shape up into...

I can bet whoever the killer was must be someone who knew that woman...

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Oct. 16th, 2007

knockin' on faith's door


Lumiere is getting a tad bit more chaotic, isn't it?

Perhaps its the Halloween season or something, cause September was a much quiter month...

No matter, gives me something to do in preparation of Halloween.
This is only to be the first holiday I've spent here in Lumiere...

I bet it's going to be lots of fun...one way or another.

Patchouli, have you ever celebrared Halloween before?

Oct. 11th, 2007

motoko- what you don't know...


I was wondering, when do we start our duties?
I know I passed that brief interview and all, but whats the assignment?
I don't think I've missed anything in the last few days...

Ugh, I did see a horrible tv show just a moment ago.

Nickel Samurai?

Jeez, its amazing how bad the entertainment is around here.
I rather watch re-runs of soap operas on channel 55...

Does anyone like that show? Honestly, if you think samurais where like that...

Oct. 8th, 2007

a small smile


I may not be a cop yet, but I have a funny feeling that all this chaos lately with the "Puuing Incident" is going to lead to some serious trouble to those who are playing a part in such a prank.

I am not custom with the culture here as of yet, but I still doubt this is something that is suppose to happen regularly.

I wonder what the City Board is going to say about this mess.


I think if I hear one more 'Puu', I may end up choking while laughing!
It's so silly!

Sep. 30th, 2007

knockin' on faith's door


...Does anyone here recongize me?
I've just found out that perhaps this is not my first time here.
Either this is some sort of prank being pulled, or else maybe what these chumps are saying is true.

I honestly have no memories about this place besides what I am experiencing now.

So? Do I look familiar?

[private to Alphonse]

Hey, kid...

How are you doing? Did you find out what happened to that girl?
I would think since you are working with the 'Big Ape', that you would know a bit more than I would.

I'll probably end up seeing you around more often...

That is if I get the job.

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